How We Feel About Your Stuff

Stuff It Inn is more than just another self- storage facility. The owners, Mitch and Kelly, have a vested interest in the success of Stuff It Inn and are committed to their success accordingly. Both Mitch and myself have compiled an amazing work experience history that culminated in a business partnership with one another. We are dedicated to our families, friends and you. We attribute our drive and our passion for life to our faith. This is the heart of Stuff It Inn.




Our Beliefs

It’s pretty simple, Our goal at Stuff It Inn Storage is to create an atmosphere where our clients feel like their belongings are safe, secure, and cared for. We do that.

Our Leaders

This organization holds in very high esteem our ongoing obligation to you, to consistently articulate honesty and integrity in a professional, yet relaxed environment.


Kelly Shiver

I grew up in Savannah TN, where I’ve carpentered, plumbed, been a masonry helper, an exterminator, managed restaurants, owned and operated a convenient store, and a sporting goods shop.


Mitch Mitchell

I am from a small town in Alabama. I lived in Alabama for 39 years where I started a vending company in the 10th grade of high school, and by the time I graduated had bought two other companies.