6 Tips To Keep Your Self-Storage Unit Secure

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6 Tips To Keep Your Self-Storage Unit Secure_Stuff It Inn_self storage fairview tn_Fairview TN

The whole point of putting something into a self storage unit in Fairview, TN is to keep it safe. Sure, you might want to clear some space in your home. But you also want to know that the items you place in storage will be there when you need them. The truth is that break-ins to storage units are rare, but they do happen. You’ll be doing yourself a favor to prepare for the possibility of this happening so that you aren’t caught off-guard.

Here are six tips to keeping your self-storage unit secure.

Choose a Secured Provider

The first step is to simply decide where you are going to store your stuff. It’s important to remember that not all self-storage facilities are created equal. There are many layers of security that should be in place to give you the best chance of avoiding being the target of theft. Climate-controlled storage is going to have an extra layer of security. The simple fact that the entrance to your unit is inside a building adds another barrier between your stuff and thieves. Outdoor access needs to be regulated, as well. Cameras, barrier fences, adequate lighting; all of this will help keep your items secure.

Use a Lock

It is essential to lock the door to your self-storage unit. However, this is another opportunity to improve your security coverage. Any lock is good. But keyed locks are great. Combination locks are not as secure. Avoiding the hassle of adding another key to your keychain is attractive, but not losing your stuff is more attractive. Combination locks can be easily reset. The codes can be cracked. The mechanism inside the lock wears out over time. Keyed locks are stronger and more secure. Give yourself every advantage you can by purchasing a strong and reliable lock. This is not a time to be thrifty.

Consider the Neighborhood

Some neighborhoods have a higher crime rate. Do some research when choosing a storage site. If the facility is located within a high-crime area, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere. It’s an unfortunate truth that these things tend to happen in a pattern. There are many websites that can show you a crime map for a particular area. Find your local crime map, center in on your proposed storage unit, and consider the findings. A great way to avoid crime is to avoid criminals. Don’t sign up for a self-storage unit in an area that has shown a tendency toward criminal activity.

Get Insurance

Some self-storage facilities require proof of insurance before a rental agreement can be signed. But even if it’s not required, you should get insurance. Theft of personal items is always a terrible experience, but at least insurance provides some mitigation of the pain. Homeowners insurance will occasionally cover off-site storage, so check with your current provider to see if it’s included. Discuss rates and coverage options if your self-storage unit is not already covered. Open Your Unit

Don’t Store Incredibly Important Stuff

The reality is that there isn’t a building that is completely secure. Paintings get stolen from famous museums. This is why you should never put something in a storage unit that is incredibly valuable. This includes items of great worth and great sentimental value. Insurance will cover loss of many items, but unique items passed down through generations will simply be lost forever. It’s best to avoid this possibility altogether. So keep these items secure by buying a safe for your home or even a safe deposit box. All of these security methods will bring the chances of crime down toward zero, but there’s no way to completely guarantee a crime won’t happen. Don’t leave yourself open to losing something that can’t be replaced.

Maintain a Detailed Inventory

It’s easy to lose things in a big pile. Organization can help with this. You have a better chance of noticing when something is missing when you know what your unit is supposed to look like. A detailed inventory is another great tool for this. Keeping an inventory of what is in your self-storage unit provides context and proof for when something is missing. Note the serial numbers for larger items. Take pictures. This will help if you have to file an insurance claim after a robbery. This will also help identify your items should they be found. Keeping track of your items not only serves as a reminder of where you put what. It also acts as a paper trail. This record of items is easy to maintain and can prove quite beneficial if something were to go wrong.

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