How To Keep Your Storage Unit Clean

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You have important items in your self storage Fairview TN. You want to be sure that everything is going to be just as nice coming out as it was when you put it in. But these items can sit in there for weeks, months, even years. How do you keep them in proper condition? Keeping your unit clean is the first step. Here are some tips to make sure your unit stays in prime condition.

Store Clean Items

As you can imagine, it’s much easier to keep clean things clean. Also, cleaning items beforehand means they have a smaller chance of becoming dirty. Imagine an old couch. There might be some stains on it but the cushions are still nice. Maybe you can pass it off to one of the kids once they leave for college. Now, the stains on this couch might be from a spilled drink or some dropped food. Those stains have a much higher chance of growing mold as the couch sits in the unit until it’s time to come back out. You don’t want to have to deal with a moldy couch on moving day. It’s best to make sure it stays clean throughout its stay in the storage unit

Hang Clothing

A giant pile of boxes might come to mind when you think of a storage unit. For the most part, this is accurate. But it’s best to avoid the boxes when it comes to clothes. Folding up your t-shirts and jeans might be great for saving space, but it can be risky. These enclosed spaces without room to breath can be a risk for growing mold. It’s best to hang your clothes on a rack or bar. Be sure to give them enough room in between to allow for proper ventilation. Particularly expensive or delicate clothing can be placed within garment bags. This will protect them from growing mold.

Use Storage Containers

It’s tempting to toss small items into your storage unit and think nothing of it. But that’s going to get messy. Use storage containers to package these small items up. This will help in two different ways: First, you won’t have tiny things all over the place. This creates a tripping hazard. It also makes it difficult to find your items when you are looking for them. Second, it saves them from becoming dusty. Leaving small items on a shelf might make sense as it does in your house, but storage units are different. These items will simply get dirty when left out. The main goal is to maintain a level of cleanliness so you don’t have more work than you should when it’s time to remove your items.

Cover Your Furniture

Dust is an unavoidable part of life. Things that sit around for a while collect dust. And what do things do in storage? They sit around for a while. This won’t be a problem for many of your items since they will be stored in boxes, storage containers, or bags. Larger items like furniture, for instance, are going to be out in the open. This leaves them prone to collecting dust. Covering these large items will protect them from any dusty buildup. Use plastic sheets, tarps, or even old blankets to protect these items. If you really want to ensure they stay fresh, try using some stretch wrap. This will ensure nothing gets to your stored items.

Open Your Unit

Dust and mold are main concerns when considering the cleanliness of a storage unit. A frequent unfortunate side effect of these concerns is an unpleasant scent. Think of an attic or maybe an old garage. They grow a musty smell that might not be overly offensive, but it’s also not very nice. You should occasionally air your storage unit out. Open the door and let the breeze blow in. Climate-controlled units can benefit from leaving the door open for a little while as well. This is probably the easiest of all the cleanliness tips. All you have to do crack the door open and hang out for a little bit.

Clean Up Once In A While

Keep some basic cleaning supplies in your storage unit. This way you can tidy up a little every time you visit. Keeping on top of cleanliness saves you from having a big mess on your hands down the road. Keep a broom, dustpan, and a bottle of surface cleaner in your unit. Bring a rag along with you. This way, if you notice something getting dusty or dirty in any way, you can take care of it before it becomes a larger problem.

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