15 Things Not To Keep In A Storage Unit

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15 Things Not To Keep In A Storage Unit_Self Storage columbia tn_Stuff It Inn Storage_Columbia TN

A self storage unit is a great way to simplify your life. If you’re looking for self storage in Columbia TN or the surrounding areas, Stuff It Inn has you covered. But what are you going to put in your luxurious self storage unit? These handy spaces can’t be used for everything. Here’s a list of things to avoid to ensure you’re using your self storage unit properly.

1. Combustible Materials

This includes gas tanks, propane tanks, or anything else that has a chance of blowing up. Not only are these items a danger to yourself or anyone who enters your unit, they’re a danger to everyone in the building.

2. Hazardous Chemicals

It’s difficult to find a good spot for old paint cans. Self storage units are not the place to store them. Fumes from these items can leak out of their containers and turn your storage unit into a dangerous place.

3. Fireworks

This goes along with the idea of keeping combustibles out of your self storage unit. Fireworks are essentially small bombs and they are very dangerous if set off in the wrong environment. Fire hazards are never a good idea in an enclosed space.

4. Pets

A self storage unit is not a doggy daycare for when you need to leave Fairview, Kingston Springs, or Columbia TN. They are unlit, not sanitary, and have inadequate ventilation. It’s unsafe for an animal to be kept in a unit.

5. Vinyl Records

Those old records sure are cool, but they are very susceptible to warping in improper conditions. Humidity, heat, cold, moisture, these things can all have a negative effect on your records. You’re better off hooking up that old turntable and dancing the night away.

6. Antique Furniture

These old and beautiful pieces are similar to those old and beautiful vinyl records in that they are fragile. Wood tends to become soft and malleable over time. This can have drastic consequences if left in an awkward position in a storage unit. Likewise, the cushions and fabric can wear down.

7. Food

Imagine coming back to your self storage unit in Columbia TN and finding some fruit you left there a week earlier. It won’t look good. Not only will the food be rotted, it will attract pests. You don’t want to give pests a reason to crawl through your stuff. You also don’t want the smell of rotten food infesting your belongings.

8. Plants

Plants need ample air and sunlight in order to survive. These are two things they won’t be getting if they are kept in a storage unit. Much like food, plants will attract pests if left in a storage unit. They will die, stink, and invite unwanted visitors.

9. Sensitive Documents

Items with sensitive information like social security numbers or anything else that can be used to steal someone’s identity shouldn’t be kept in a storage unit. Sensitive documents are too important to have even a small chance of being compromised.

10. Artwork

Do you have some beautiful paintings but no wall space for them at the moment? The climate inside a storage unit is not conducive to storing paintings. Again, like vinyl records and antique furniture, these items are fragile. You don’t want to finally clear off a wall only to find your artwork has been damaged.

11. Anything Wet

Moisture is your enemy in a storage unit. It can damage your boxes, create mold, and degrade your stuff. So if you want to put that poncho into your storage unit, make sure it’s fully dry before you do.

12. Liquids

Containers puncture. This is just a fact of life. And if you keep a container full of liquid in your storage unit, you run the chance of it leaking. Finding a storage unit with a new puddle is a bad surprise. Avoid the chance altogether by leaving liquids out of your unit.

13. Firearms

If there’s one thing you don’t want to lose track of, it’s firearms. The range of problems this could create are huge. It’s best to avoid the possibility of something going wrong.

14. Valuables

Similar to firearms, you don’t want to keep anything extremely valuable in a storage unit. Even a small possibility of losing something of great cost is too much to risk it.

15. Yourself

You may love your storage unit, but living inside of one isn’t an option. Sanitary conditions are not up to a proper level (to be read as, access to bathrooms). The temperature within a storage facility fluctuates and will not be comfortable, especially in the summer and winter months.

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