Here are the Cities Where People are Moving

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Top Cities People Move to Nashville Self Storage Units

Top Cities People Are Moving To

Jacksonville, Florida

Median House Price: $184,508
Average Salary: $45,140

Some say Jacksonville, FL is one of the most underrated cities in the state. It’s home to an abundance of coastline and outdoor parks making it a beautiful place to live. Winter averages to around 65 degrees and summer can hit the 90s. But, since it’s near the coast, you have the sea winds to keep cool. The housing market is one of the lowest on the list. With an unemployment rate of 4%, it’s lower than the average. People are moving here to take part in growing employment sectors like retail, logistics, hospitality, and finance.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Median House Price: $200,000
Average Salary: $49,600

Charlotte has an exciting job market, especially if you are working in the banking industry. Bank of America and Wells Fargo are headquartered here. A few startups are investing in the city too. So, if you’re in the market for employment Charlotte, NC might be a good choice for you. ¬†With a decent salary average, people live well because the cost of living is just below the national average. Homes for sale are a few points below the rest of the nation meaning you’ll probably get a nice house and the amenities of a larger city without living paycheck to paycheck.

Portland, Oregon

Median House Price: $416,300
Average Salary: $55,000

Oregon rates as the number one state where people are moving with an average of 64%. Portland is experiencing a tech boom that can rival California. It’s popular because it’s less expensive than Silicon Valley, so businesses and start-ups are using it to their advantage. People like it here because it blends an urban lifestyle with outdoor living. A break from city dwelling isn’t hard with so many outdoor recreational activities. Cost of living isn’t the lowest, but the average salary is amongst the highest on the list. You should get the compensation deserved for your career path.

Denver, Colorado

Median House Price: $326,000
Average Salary: $55,900

In 2018, Colorado’s economy grew 4.5 percent. Before the year was out just over 72 thousand jobs were added. Denver is situated at the base of the Rockies. It’s a gateway to outdoor pursuits you can’t find in other states. Maybe a reason people are moving here is the job opportunities and the quality of life. US News ranked it as the second best place to live in the country with a score of 7.4 out of 10. They attribute its success to the people and culture, as well as, the prosperous economy.

Austin, Texas

Median House Price: $278,600
Average Salary: $50,800

Like just about every city on this list, Austin has a booming economy that people can’t seem to turn down. It’s another area where start-ups are heading because of low-costs and reduced taxes. In fact, it’s deemed the number one place for female entrepreneurs. Austin holds one of the best performing metros in the U.S. and is considered environmentally conscious. Both contribute to improving the overall quality of life for the residents. The city is accommodating to both the young and the old, which might explain why some people are willing to stick around. Or, it could be the low cost of living. CNN once claimed Austin to be the “Best Cities for Millennial Homebuyers.”

Nashville, Tennessee

Median House Price: $315,000
Average Salary: $45,700

Tennessee has seen a growth of around 58%. Maybe the most popular city is Nashville. The economy is on an upswing that shows no signs of slowing. The unemployment rate is 4.5%, and Forbes placed it #4 in “Best City for Jobs.” Large corporations have offices here like Nissan, Kroger, and most recently Amazon. The housing market has been booming, and it’s possible to buy or rent without busting your wallet. It’s known as Music City because of the legendary names who have come to record. Live shows happen on a nightly basis. The area is so popular famous actors and musicians call it home. You just might find yourself standing in like next to your favorite superstar.

Preparing for a Move

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