Size Guide: How to Choose the Right Storage Unit

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self storage unit size guide in Tennessee

Self-storage units are designed to give you more space when you need it. They are available indoor or outdoor and come climate or non-climate controlled for the ultimate flexibility. Most individuals recognize the need for a storage unit but aren’t 100% sure how much space they should rent. We’ve broken down a size guide so you can find the right unit!

Different Types of Storage Units You Can Choose

With many years in the self-storage industry, we broke down a size guide so you can pick the perfect storage space. We gathered this information based on the most common sizes you will come across and what items each one will hold.

Non-Climate Controlled Storage Units

All storage units have garage door fronts for easy access. The deal with non-climate controlled storage is they don’t have HVAC systems to regulate temperatures. A storage unit like this is often situated outside with security measures to protect your belongings. Some places, like Stuff It Inn Storage, offer two levels of security access by having a perimeter gate in addition to door locks for each unit. Non-climate controlled storage use is better suited for possessions that won’t be affected by extreme high and low temperatures — something Tennessee residents need to consider. Outdoor units work well with furniture, sporting equipment, and yard tools to name a few.

Climate Controlled Units

Climate controlled units behave the opposite of non-controlled by using HVAC systems to preserve possessions. The predictable temperature inside is better situated for delicate belongings. You might choose a climate-controlled self-storage unit to store valuable pieces that you need to access only once or twice a year. Think seasonal clothing, jewelry, or household furniture/decorations. Climate controlled units have just as much security protection as non-controlled. Access is usually similar, but you might need to check if these units are indoor or outdoor. An indoor unit won’t provide you with a “drive-up” option that makes it easier to load and unload. Larger, bulkier items such as furniture might need better access points and should weigh into your decision-making process.

How to Choose the Best Storage Unit Size Based on Your Needs 

All self-storage companies offer a range of sizes. It’s great for you because you can rent what you need without having to pay extra. Before you start the consideration process outline what items are going into storage. How much stuff you decide to keep outside your home or apartment factor heavily into the size you need. Make an itemized list. Take pictures to help you along the way.

Storage Unit Sizes

5 x 10

Units that are 5×10 are an excellent entry-level size. They can hold tons of small boxes and furniture. On average, the 5×10 unit will hold roughly the amount of one bedroom’s worth of furniture. Consider this size if you live in an apartment or want to store lawn equipment.

10 x 10

You’ve got an extra five feet here and can use this wisely. Medium-sized households or when two people decide they need to join their possessions can use this space for any overflow. Extra appliances, furniture, and boxes can live here. You could also fit in a motorcycle or other small sporting equipment.

10 x 15

Live in a two bedroom apartment and need to find storage? The 10×15 space would be fantastic. It’s a pretty large size that could include a range of full-sized furniture and appliances with extra room for yard or sporting equipment. Plan your unit appropriately, and you could also fit some smaller boxes.

10 x 20

A 10×20 self-storage space could fit a car or at least 4 bedrooms worth of furniture. It doesn’t have to be one of the other. Storing an extra vehicle will still give you some unused space for boxes and other small furniture. You could think of it as the same size as the standard one-car garage.

10 x 30

The largest size you’ll find at most self-storage units is a 10×30 or sometimes a 20×20. Both offer the same amount of space; just one is in the shape of a square and the other a rectangle. A unit this size will fit the entire contents of a house. You could also use it for a car and some sporting/lawn equipment. The vehicle and furniture could live harmoniously in the same space, but the addition of the car will limit the amount of furniture you can get inside.

Self-Storage Units in Middle Tennessee

At Stuff It Inn Storage, we are more than just a traditional storage facility. We approach each client with a vested interest in maintaining a dedicated business partnership. We want to utilize our expertise to help you get the most out of your rented unit. Because we’ve been in the self-storage business for years, our team can make recommendations on the appropriate size and conditions to preserve your belongings. We also have plenty of insider tips on organization to help with your move.