Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

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Small spaces can be cozy but are a bit tricky when it comes to storage. Every home, townhouse, or apartment will have at least one room that needs to function but is limited on space. We’ve got some great ideas on how you can make the most out of these smaller rooms that are easy and effective.

Keep the Floor Clean

It’s been said that the tidier your space, the happier you’ll feel. Keep your floor clean and small areas will instantly look larger. Storage boxes are available that can fit under the bed. If your bed is lower to the ground and you’re seriously stuck on room lifts for your bed will give you more storage space. Instead of having a bedside lamp, you can have one fixed to the wall.

Take Advantage of Mirrors

It might be hard to imagine trying to add something to your home when you’re trying to make it seem bigger, but mirrors are an excellent solution. Mirrors hang on the wall and take up minimal space. Plus, you have the added bonus of utilizing the reflection to make the room appear much, much larger.

Use All Areas of Your Home

Shelving attached to the wall is a good way to give you more storage without the need to purchase a bookcase that can be a bit bulky. The great thing about shelving is how it can transcend all spaces. It doesn’t need to be a feature. You can utilize small nooks and crannies to add more storage space.

Keep Your Entryway Clear

The entryway and mudroom quickly become cluttered. It’s a part of the house where a lot of action happens while people are coming and going. Shoes, bags, and other items fill it up. Utilize hooks to keep jackets and handbags off the floor. Open front box shelving is an option to store shoes if you want to keep the flooring clear.

Paint Your Home in Bright Colors

If the mirror trick is one way to fake expansion and so is bright colored walls. Bright colors reflect more light making any room appear larger. Darker colors absorb light resulting in an opposite effect. Paint smaller areas of the house in a lighter color to give the illusion of something bigger.

Get More Out of Your Cabinets

Believe it or not, the way storage solutions operate serve different purposes. Drawers pull out to provide you with more space, and doors open wide for a different point of access. In areas where there is a lot of action like say a bathroom, you can find both drawer and door cabinets to optimize organization.

Make Your Furniture Do Extra Work

Ikea might be the ultimate inspiration here. They offer a lot of different products that give you more for your money. An example would include buying a shelving system that can double as a desk space. When they attach to the wall, you can have them installed up towards the ceiling for maximum benefit. Then you can fill the open areas with your office supplies.

Don’t Use Round Furniture and Storage Materials

Rectangular shapes are the best for taking up less space. Round tables, furniture, or storage products are wider and will be a little harder to fit. That includes squares. Any area that is indeed stuck on space should utilize rectangles as much as possible.

Use the Same Size

This tip is all about containers. From the kitchen to the bedroom, there are different ways you can store belongings. When you go out and purchase the perfect solution, buy multiples. Let’s take the pantry as an example. Foodstuffs store well in mason jars. If you purchase them, get the same to waste less space.

Stay Away from the Walls

The first thought people have is to put furniture along the walls to open the middle of the room. You can add life in the house by bringing furniture to the center. Experts recommend using a “triangle” configuration with the furniture. It will give as much opportunity on the sides to move around, but it is still inviting enough for private conversation.

Hang Storage off Your Doors

Need more space in the pantry? What about your closet? Vertical storage units exist to hang off the back of a door. It’s usually an inexpensive purchase you can make from any local superstore. It will give you more room without compromising floor space.

Get a Self-Storage Unit

They say you can never have too much of a good thing. But, it may feel that way when you have a home that can’t quite fit all of your belongings. Self-storage is a solution to help those who are limited on space. Self-storage works because you have the freedom to add and remove the things you can’t keep in your house with ease.
Most self-storage solutions, such as Stuff It Inn Storage, offer a variety of unit sizes to optimize organization. Precious items can benefit from getting a climate controlled unit.