15 Tips for Cleaning Your Home

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!5 easy house cleaning tips to help tidy up

Cleaning the home is a necessary evil. Some of us might enjoy it, and others might struggle to find the motivation. Wherever you fall on the scale, specific tasks prove problematic. But, they don’t have to be. There are tips and tricks for almost every adverse problem you might run while cleaning your home.

1. Vinegar will help make your dishes cleaner.

If you use a dishwasher, you’re aware of the residue that can be left behind. Just pour some vinegar in a bowl on the top rack and run the wash as usual. The dishes will come out sparkling!

2. Use vinegar to clean your dishwasher.

In the same vein, you can use the bowl of vinegar to clean your dishwasher. Once you’ve cleaned out the drain, place the bowl of vinegar on the top rack and have it spin through on a hot water cycle.

3. A paper towel tub can help with vacuuming.

You can place a paper towel tube on the end of your vacuum extension to help reach difficult nooks and crannies. After you slot it on the end, the cardboard can fold in half to fit between tough areas.

4. Use rice to remove closet odors.

Rice can absorb unpleasant smells. Get rid of odors in the closet, or other areas of the home through its use. All you need is to take a cup of rice and place it in a mason jar. Add 10-20 drops of essential oils. Shake it then cover the lid with a breathable fabric then place it in the closet.

5. Use ice cubes to restore carpets.

A footprint is inevitable on your rug when you place it under heavy furniture. You can combat this issue with ice cubes. Take the cubes and line them up over the indentation. When they melt, you will notice that the fibers in the rug have restored.

6. Clean burnt pots and pans with mesh produce bags.

Lemons, potatoes, avocados, and other produce can be purchased in bulk. The mesh bags they come in can be turned into scrubbing utensils by wrapping your sponge in them. Bonus, the plastic won’t scratch your pots or pans.

7. Use chalk to remove oil stains.

Not everyone is a clean cook. Suffering from oil splatters is a frequent casualty from cooking. Rubbing chalk on the oil will help. Clean the area of any food or particles, rub on some chalk, then throw it in the wash. Just make sure to set it to hot.

8. Used dryer sheets can help clean the kitchen.

It’s hard to clean flour or other dry ingredients that have spilled. But, a used dryer sheet is handy in this circumstance. They are clingy and can absorb the small granules.

9. Get gum out of fabric.

We’re talking about ice cubes again. Use an ice cube to help remove sticky messes like bubble gum that have made it onto fabric. Lay them on top of the gum until it has frozen. Then use a butter knife to remove gently.

10. Use coffee to clean pots and pans.

You don’t have to use fresh coffee. We wouldn’t ask that of you. But, you can keep your used grounds to help clean pots and pans. It acts as a natural scrubber and can get rid of stubborn residue.

11. Use coffee to clean pots and pans.

You don’t have to use fresh coffee. We wouldn’t ask that of you. But, you can keep your used grounds to help clean pots and pans. It acts as a natural scrubber and can get rid of stubborn residue.

12. Make your stainless steel sink shiny with flour.

This step is straightforward and produces fantastic results. Getting a shiny sink is easy. You just need to wash all dishes and remove food particles. Use a cleaner to disinfect and scrub it. Dry the sink with a paper towel and then dump in about a quarter of a cup of flour. Buff in circles until it shines.

13. Clean a messy detergent cap.

Nothing is worse than spilled detergent on a cap. When you touch it your fingers get sticky and the mess can often transfer to your clothing. Cleaning it is really simple. Just throw the cap in the next load and it will come detergent free.

14. Get out pet hair with a rubber glove.

Pet hair seems to get stuck in the most random places. It can be hard to remove. Slap on a pair of rubber gloves, and you’ll be surprised how much you can collect. The friction between the rubber and the hair will attract a lot more than you’d think!

15. Keep small items together in the dishwasher.

Why it’s complicated to wash small parts is beyond us, but we do have a tip. Take a mesh laundry bag and place those pieces inside. You can safely run it through the wash and not worry about there being a mess.

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