Declutter in Time for the New Year

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Declutter in Time for the New Year

The new year is just around the corner. That means resolutions are here. A lot of focus is usually on exercising more or picking up positive, mindful habits. One of our favorites is getting more organized. As we head into 2019, we’ve got some great tips to help make it easier to get yourself focused and ready. These tips are designed to make it easier to declutter and stay on track.

Get a plan together

Effectively, everyone wants to be organized. Usually, there is something that is making you feel like today is the day. Tasks are best completed with a plan. We recommend working out what goals you have for getting organized. Do you want to create more space? Are there certain rooms that need to be sorted through? Setting specific goals will make it easier to stay on task. Plus, you can focus on getting done what you need first. If you still have the energy, you can tackle more projects after.

Start with Messiest Room

When your goal is to organize the whole house, you can create a starting point by focusing on the messiest room. Don’t know how to decide which is the messiest? You can focus on the place that you utilize the most. Kitchens are usually that space for most households. The theory behind starting with the messiest is getting your confidence up. It’s also the room that will take the longest. When it’s out of the way, you’ll be ready to keep moving.

Get a Tax Deduction By Donating

If you donate to a tax-exempt charity, you can claim that money back on your taxes. The only caveat is you need to do this before the last day of the year. Didn’t make it in time? That’s ok. You can still donate and claim it next year. Donations made greater than $250 will need a receipt for tax purposes. You can read more about the deductions by clicking here.

Assess Outdated Electronics

Do you have headphones, remotes, or old iPods floating around? Don’t use them anymore? Well, 2019 can be the year you finally remove them from your home. If you’re serious about getting organized try eliminating unused and outdated electronics like this, so you have the extra drawer space. Some places might give you money for your old phone or iPod. Depending on how old the item is, Apple will give you a trade-in value if you decide you want to upgrade.

Old Paperwork

Everyone is guilty of keeping paperwork around that is no longer needed — the same for paid bills and invoices. If it hasn’t occurred to you, you might want to give this space some attention wherever it’s located. Most of the information located on these documents are now found online, and paper copies are just taking up space. Expand this concept and try to tackle the drawer or cabinet full of old instructional manuals.

Cleaning Supplies That Expired

Cleaning supplies have a shelf-life. Trying to clean with them after they expired isn’t going to do as much for you. Bleach or Clorox won’t disinfect and isn’t the purpose? Give your cleaning area some attention and replace sponges and gloves. They are a breeding ground for bacteria. Get them out of your house by the new year when the cold and flu virus goes around.

Expired Food and Medicine

When you are talking about shelf-life, you can’t leave out your food. Take time to go through the pantry and refrigerator to clear out old food. Dried goods are the worst culprit. Because they live in a box and don’t produce an odor when they spoil can take up more time and space on your shelf then necessary. Take the same approach with your medicine cabinet. Ibuprofen that is out of date won’t help clear your headache. Anything that is thrown away should be jotted down on a list for you to repurchase later.

Get Self-Storage

When your home is overcrowded, and you don’t have more space for decorations, seasonal furniture, and equipment you can rent a self-storage unit. They are the best way to free up your home from the clutter that isn’t needed. You can give your garage some space and perhaps start using it to store your vehicle rather than lawn furniture. Storage units have onsite security and the option for climate controlled. Find the nearest self-storage unit in Middle Tennessee.