How to Store Your Holiday Decorations

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How to Store Your Holiday Decorations

The holidays are fast approaching which means it’s time to decorate. For some individuals and families, it’s the time of year they look forward to the most. However, sometimes getting your decorations out of storage can be a little worrisome. Throughout the year it’s impossible to tell how the packing has lasted. You can make it easier in the future to store Christmas decorations by following these tips. By doing so, you’ll make it easier to enjoy them in the future.

Christmas Lights

Keeping your lights tangle free doesn’t just remove the unnecessary time it takes to put them up next year, but keeps your lights in working order. If they are knotted the pulling to get them free possibly loosens the bulbs. You don’t want that to happen. Wrapping around your arm makes sense until you pull it free and undo all your hard work. Here are some alternate materials you can use instead.

  • Cardboard – cut into a rectangle and add a slit. Fix one end of the lights in the slit to keep it taught while you wrap it around. When you get to the end add it to the slit as well.
  • Cord Reel – You can buy a plastic cord reel at a hardware store. Typically used for extension cords, you can get one for your Christmas lights.
  • Plastic Sheets – if you have any lights that aren’t strand you can wrap them in plastic sheets bought from a hardware or hobby store.


Purchasing holiday garland is a festive way to continue the decorations throughout the home. When it’s time to remove and place it in storage, it can be a little tricky because it tangles. Effective storage use starts with removing any trimmings. If you’ve applied ribbons take it off and roll it up nicely. If there are removable poinsettias, you can take those off as well. The Christmas lights can stay attached to the garland if you chose to combine the two.

Storing should be completed in a clear plastic tub. As you remove the garland slowly wrap in a circle around your arm. Take care during this step. The attention you put in now will impact how much you have to untangle next year. Once inside the box, you can place a piece of paper on top articulating where it goes in the house.


The most significant concern for storing decorations is keeping them free from damage. Any jostling and you might break something fragile. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest hanging on to packaging. It’s especially helpful when you have something that is uniquely shaped. You can purchase ornament storage online or at almost any hobby store during the holidays. If you prefer not to go that route, we suggest bubble wrap and newspaper. The combination is great for shock absorption. Anything that is plastic or doesn’t need a delicate touch can be stored in sandwich bags. Always store your ornaments in sturdy plastic boxes. When placed into your storage unit, put the plastic tub at the top to keep it from crushing under the weight.


Faux fir or pine wreaths can be stored a couple of ways. The first is a hat box. Hat boxes can be purchased at most craft stores. Probably a good idea to bring it with you to ensure that it will fit your selection. The box will protect it from getting smashed and collecting dust. It’s also possible to keep the wreath as is and just place it in the box. The second option is to hang the wreath. You can get florist wire or twist ties and drape it on a wire hanger. Protect the wreath from dust by wrapping it and the hanger in a plastic bag. Hang the wreath somewhere in your storage unit. It can be on the side of furniture or maybe a coat rack.

Decorative Dishes

Whether they are used functionally or decoratively, dishes should be stored the same way. They are almost always made from fragile materials and warrant a little extra care to ensure they aren’t damaged. Grab some bubble wrap from you ornaments and use them here to store your plates. Wrap each one individually and secure with scotch tape. Scotch tape doesn’t lose it’s adhesive and is gentle. It should fix the bubble wrap in place until next year and be easy enough to remove without leaving a residue. Plates should be stored vertically in a box rather than stacking them.

Wrapping Paper

Not everyone has the luxury of dedicating a space in the home for crafts. If your home doesn’t have space to keep wrapping paper, you have choices. There are storage containers that will slot underneath the bed. Given the size of the paper, under the bed works because you can fit many rolls without taking up too much space. There are also organizers that will hang in the closet. You can situate these either in your coat closet or maybe the one found in the guest room.

Holiday Villages/Landscapes

Storing your holiday scenes starts with wrapping the buildings and largest pieces first. Find a sturdy box and arrange them inside, so they fit. Next, you can insert the trimmings of snow, lights, or grass. Ideally, you’ll want to pack everything in the order in which you might decorate. It saves time next year and means you won’t have to pull out the entire set before you can get started.

Self-Storage Units

The holidays are one of the most joyous times of the year. While decorating can be fun, sometimes we need a little help keeping what matters most to us safe and accessible at the end of the season. Self-storage units are designed to help you do just that. You can use them to remove clutter in the home and keep your holiday decorations free from damage all year long.

At Stuff It Inn Storage, we’re here to help you find the best option possible. We take keeping your possessions secure very seriously. You can view a complete list of storage units in Middle Tennessee by visiting our website.