Household Items That Can be Used as Packing Materials

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Household Packing Materials

Packing is a challenge. Whether you are packing to move locations or trying to get some things into self-storage, it requires a lot of organization and materials for it to go smoothly. The item synonymous with packing is a cardboard box. It’s an all-rounder that has proven it’s worth over time. There are some notable contenders that you can find already inside your home. Before spending a fortune on packing materials search your household for these items.

Packing Materials You Probably Already Own


Suitcases, especially those with wheels are the perfect packing container for anything substantial. Because they can roll, you don’t have to concern yourself too much with heavy lifting. Protect your electronics by utilizing the next packing accessory.

Towels and Bed Linens

You want to protect fragile items like plates and glass by wrapping it in protective materials. Towels and linens are usually things you can find around the house that will work well. Their size can often incorporate more than one item.

When it comes to bigger things like TVs and mirrors, the towels and linens can drape over them. The same goes for wood furniture that could suffer scratches. These products are multi-use and will serve you well during the packing process.


T-shirts and sweaters can be used to wrap and pack small, fragile items. Depending on how thin your t-shirt is compared to the size of the article, you might need two, but most households will have plenty of t-shirts laying around to help. You can also roll t-shirts and sweaters to stuff in boxes as filler.

Trash Bin

Wash your trash bin first then utilize it to carry cleaning equipment. The bin is excellent for storing and transporting bleach, cleaners, mops, sponges, and the like. Anything found in your kitchen cleaning supply can easily be placed in your trash bin.

Plastic Storage Containers

Many households will have plastic storage containers, and they are great for storing bulky items in your kitchen like pots and pans. Get the most out of the space by stacking them first. Your kitchen appliances, pet’s accessories, or even dry goods found in your pantry work well in the plastic container.


Grab every bag in your home and turn it into a container. Backpacks, gym bags, tote bags, and grocery bags all have the capabilities of keeping your things together. They will almost always have a handle for easy transportation. It would be a missed opportunity to pack your bags in a box on moving day.

Trash Bags

Emptying your closet can be a nightmare. You don’t need boxes or suitcases to move your clothing. Trash bags work perfectly in this situation. Grab the clothes from your closet and stuff them in a trash bag. There is enough protection that they don’t get dirty and the flexibility means you can keep the clothes on the hangers.


Socks are one of the best stuffing materials. If you don’t have enough, they are inexpensive to purchase. The weight is ideal. You can place enough in each box without the worry of adding too much weight. Rolled socks can replace packing peanuts.


Bulky items work well in a hamper. Hampers are utilized for dirty laundry on a day-to-day basis, but you can stuff big shoes, purses (that are too small to become storage), and toys in it. If your hamper doesn’t have a lid, you can cover it with a trash bag.


Most clothing can remain in your drawers. If you are working with a mover most likely, they will take the drawers out. Cover them in plastic bags, and you don’t have to worry about water damage or dirt while in transition.


Paper is another good box stuffer, and we recommend using as much as you can to keep valuables from breaking. Pull all newspapers, junk mail, or reuse paper from your office. You can recycle them after they have served their purpose of protecting your things during the move.


When you talk about packing materials, boxes are a commodity. Some homes still have old electronic, shoe, and appliance boxes laying around. Grab as many as you can before you consider purchasing more.

Painters Tape

Masking tape is multi-purpose during a move. First, use it to keep your wires organized by taping them up. Second, secure some of your valuable items that might have lids with painters tape. It has enough adhesive to stay in place. But, it’s gentle enough to be removed without causing damage or leaving a residue.

Purchased Packing Material Mistakes

If you plan on buying any of the following packing materials be sure to follow these quick instructions, so you don’t damage any of your possessions.


Cardboard boxes are great but can be flimsy. Unless you are using heavy duty boxes avoid packing anything glass inside. If they are stacked on top of each other or are encounter moisture, the integrity can be lost. Keep the following in a sturdy plastic container:

  • Dishware
  • Wine glasses
  • Drinking glasses
  • Vases
  • Mirrors

Bubble Wrap

A superior choice for protecting furniture, bubble wrap will go a long way. Avoid using it directly on anything fragile. When you wrap your glassware or mirror, utilize your bed linens or towels to cover it. Then you can wrap it in bubble wrap. The same for anything made from wood. Cover your wood objects with blankets/paper/clothing before you use bubble wrap. The space between the bubbles can trap condensation.

Shrink Wrap

Designed to protect the surface of your furniture, shrink wrap can be harmful. If you are moving during the summer, high temperatures will inevitably result in humidity. Shrink wrap can trap condensation. The high temperatures could melt the plastic which would stick to your furniture. Avoid wrapping the following in shrink wrap:

  • Items made from wood
  • Objects made out of leather
  • Art
  • Antiques
  • Preparing for Your Move

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