Tips & Tricks To Make Self Storage Easy

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Storing your stuff at a self-storage facility may seem pretty straightforward. Stick it all in the storage unit, close the door and walk away—what could be easier? But there are things you can do to make storage more convenient for you over the long-term. We have collected some of the most popular tips for self storage. Please check them out and use the ones that work for you.

Tips for Storing Your Things in Self storage

1. Create an inventory.

There is a strong chance that you will struggle to remember where things are in your storage unit, especially if those things stay in there a while. You can make your life much easier by creating an inventory of what is where. If you include prices of the items on the inventory and better yet, pictures, your list can help with insurance claims.

2. Think about what you will need access to.

There are some things in storage that you will probably need more than others. It makes sense to put those items where you can reach them. If you plan how you arrange items you can avoid the annoying problem of having to move box after box to reach something.

3. Mark your boxes clearly.

When you are short on time or just feeling tired, it can seem like a lot of extra work to label your boxes—but it really is worth your time. Five minutes after you tape up the box you will struggle to remember what’s in it, so labels will make it much easier to discern what each box contains. Ideally, you should label every side of the box so you can see a label regardless of how the box is sitting.

4. Use tape to seal the boxes.

Taping up the boxes is another standard step that some people skip to save time and/or money. There are several problems with not taping up your boxes, though. The inside of the box and the items in it will get dusty and dirty over time if it is not sealed. If the box is exposed to rain—like if you are unloading the box from your vehicle into the storage unit in the rain—then water is likely to get in. Un-taped boxes are also much less sturdy when you pick them up, and therefore more likely to warp and tear.

5. Label boxes FRAGILE when needed.

If you have items in a box that can be broken easily, like glass items, make certain you label the box FRAGILE in big letters where everyone can see it. That way everyone knows to handle the box delicately and to avoid throwing it around or dropping other boxes on top of it. You can read our blog about the best ways to pack fragile items if you need help. 

6. Fill boxes up completely if possible.

Full boxes are much sturdier than boxes that are only partially full. While you can certainly fill boxes partially if you need to, the fuller you can get each box the less you will have to worry about it collapsing when handled roughly or when another box is placed on top of it.

7. Think about shelves if you need regular access.

Shelving is an added cost, and it is definitely not something everyone needs. However, if you are using self storage for things that you need to get to regularly, shelving can make doing so much easier. For instance, if you are storing supplies for your business, shelving will keep it organized so you can walk in, grab what you need, and walk out without a hassle.

8. Tape hardware to dismantled items.

There is nothing more annoying than being unable to find the nuts and bolts for dismantled items. One trick that can help you avoid this problem is using tape to attach hardware to the item. That way when you pull the item out of storage you know exactly where the hardware is.

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