6 Reasons Why You Need Self Storage

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Staying organized is a universal issue. When clutter starts to mount at home or in the workplace, it can increase stress levels. According to a poll, 91% of Americans described themselves as stressed. Out of the group, the majority identified clutter as being one of the main culprits. For individuals to get things done, they need to have easy access to the items they need to complete the task at hand. When clutter begins to take over personal and professional space, cortisol increases triggering anxiety, and stress-related feelings.

Combating clutter and creating a space free and clear of unnecessary objects will make room for productivity and maintain a level of cleanliness. A great solution to this is the self-storage unit. Keeping lives and work tidy and free from a pile of belongings is the dilemma self-storage can help families and businesses solve. We’ve compiled a list of some of the benefits to renting your own self-storage unit.

1. Storage Units are Multi-Functional

How you use your storage unit is up to you. If you need space for extra furniture and possessions, you can rent one large enough to meet your needs. Some individuals like to get creative and turn their unit into a gym or off-site location for business documents and information. Seasonal clothing, outdoor furniture, or recreational equipment can also take refuge in a self-storage unit.

2. Stay Organized More Efficiently

Individuals and families can utilize the extra space either when it’s time to move or when your current home is starting to feel cramped. Businesses similarly can find these units advantageous if they are carrying out renovations or transitioning into a new area. Overall, the additional storage provides many opportunities to declutter your current space or alleviate the challenges that occur when moving.

3. Secure Your Valuables

Overall, storage units are great for safeguarding valuables. Most facilities offer CCTV, perimeter gates, and other on-site protection to ward off potential theft. Additionally, individuals receive their own security access code or lock to add an additional layer of protection. If your home or business lacks security detail, renting a storage unit is one of the best ways to keep the possessions that matter to you most safe.

4. Pay for What You Need

Most storage facilities offer differently sized units making the rental process a lot more flexible. If you only require space to hold a few pieces of furniture or equipment, you can find a unit compatible with your needs. Outgrowing shouldn’t be an issue either. Most facilities will offer spaces as large as 10′ x 30′ which should be more than enough to fit your possessions.

5. Cost-effective

When it’s time to move, many people will throw away or give away some of their things on the basis that they will purchase these items again when they get to the new property. Moving comes with a lot of unforeseen costs and buying furniture, or other items will add to the grand total. Renting a storage unit is a cost-effective solution for storing your items until you can move them with you.

6. Easily Access Your Unit

Putting your belongings into a unit should be easy. Self-storage facilities make it attractive to rent spaces by offering units that you can drive up to and unload right at the door. Storage facilities provide 24/7 access to add or remove whatever you need from your unit.

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